Why Should You Choose Our Aluminium Bifold Doors

In terms of providing your home with a bespoke sense of functional elegance, there is perhaps no better option than custom bifold doors. Aluminium bi fold doors are very popular due to the fact that they will allow a maximum amount of light into a room. However, this is not their only feature. Elephant Windows has been providing Kent clients with a wide range of options to choose from and thanks to our bespoke attention to detail, these bifolding doors are perfect for nearly any environment imaginable. In order for you to make the most appropriate selection, it is a good idea to examine some of their other unique qualities.

A Secure Sense of Space

One common issue within many homes and commercial buildings is a lack of ambient light. This can be automatically associated with a tight and even claustrophobic feel. Unfortunately, standard doors are hardly able to cope with such a situation. Aluminium bifold doors can address this issue with ease. Their accordion-like nature signifies that the maximum amount of exterior light will enter; offering splendid views of the outside environment. It is also important to point out that a greater amount of sunlight generally equates to lower heating costs in the winter; a massive advantage from a financial point of view.

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Lightweight and Durable

From a very general point of view, standard doors are associated with two positions: open and closed. The apertures of custom bifold doors can be adjusted as might be needed. This is often why they are employed within patio entrances and similar locations. These doors can be fully unfolded during the more pleasant months of the year and when the temperatures become cooler, they are able to function as a standard door.


Our selection of aluminium bifold doors boasts a superior sense of practicality due to the flexibility mentioned earlier. They are ideal solutions for areas associated with a high amount of foot traffic. When opened completely, each panel will fold away out of sight and it will not present any type of obstruction. In fact, bifolding doors are often the preferred solutions for those who may have mobility issues due to their adjustable apertures.

Modern, Sleek and Contemporary

Aluminium bifold doors could be just what you are looking for if you desire to add a contemporary flair to your home. Offering a minimalist appearance and yet highly functional, they are able to complement the existing surroundings without detracting from other elements such as windows and patios. In fact, they may even be able to add more value to the property itself.

Elephant Windows at Your Disposal

Anyone who is searching for the best aluminium bifold doors has come to the right place. Elephant Windows possesses more than 35 years of industry experience and we are happy to provide you with advice or recommendations. Please contact a representative if you are curious to learn more about these amazing doors.

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