Letting Light Into The Home

While it is still dark and cold outside, you will not be thinking about opening your curtains, never mind having the doors open. But now is the perfect time to consider installing bifold doors into the garden, ahead of all those long balmy evenings with the barbecue going and friends galore chatting and laughing and having a good time.

Install bifold doors

Why Opt for Bifold Doors

It can be awkward to manoeuvre through small French doors with trays of drinks, plates of food and so on. Having too small a door can also break the party up into those who would rather be seated comfortably out of the sun and those who want to absorb as many rays as possible. Bifold doors into the garden can solve both these problems, removing the barrier that lies between outside and inside and allowing the free flow of both movement and conversation between all the guests. Bifold doors are also a wonderful way to make use of natural light sources, allowing warm sunshine to flood into every corner of your living room, making the most of the spring, summer and early autumn. The best bifold doors are manufactured from aluminium, as opposed to PVC. Aluminium is much stronger and more durable, but most importantly it doesn’t expand and contract with the heat from the sun like PVC does, which can cause a wide range of issues, including doors bending and not closing properly.

outdoor bifold doors

Embrace Flexibility

But, as well as being excellent lighting solutions for dark rooms, bifold doors have so many more advantages. Their very design is flexible, allowing you to control just how much air and light you allow into your home. In winter, you can keep the doors fully closed, and cover up the grey, dismal views with cosy floor length curtains or tidy blinds, while in summer you can completely open the doors allowing free movement between your home and the outside. This is especially ideal when you have a deck or patio to sit out on when the weather allows. Being able to control the flow of air into your home also allows you to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, without needing to resort to air conditioning or radiators.

Bifold Choices

Bifold doors offer a range of options. You can have them completely closed, to keep the house warm and snug, or you can open them out fully to enjoy natural light sources and warmth. Thanks to the ingenious traffic door, you can have the bifold doors closed and still access the outside when you like – the traffic door is like a 'normal' door inset into the bifold panels so you can pop outside without any fuss. This is a wonderfully versatile way to make the most of your home.

Banish the Gloom

Bifold doors have a secret benefit. They are usually installed in order to open up the home to the outside, usually if there is a lovely manicured garden or a sturdy and inviting deck or patio – but they are also excellent lighting solutions for dark rooms! Rooms are usually gloomy because they face away from the sun and because their windows are too small. Installing bifold doors obviously cannot change the rotation of the sun, but they do open up the whole wall, allowing a lot more light to flood in. This holds true, even on gloomy days: natural light sources effortlessly outstrip man-made lighting solutions.

Looks Great

Bifold doors are aesthetically pleasing for a number of reasons. Firstly, the doors fold flush against the wall – or even fit neatly into a custom-designed nook – which means that the open area looks even bigger and more spacious than it would otherwise seem. Secondly, the lack of obstruction (door frames, walls, window dividers) means that your view is generally excellent, especially if you have chosen the site of the bifold doors with care. Sweeping views across a valley, the magnificent vista of a gorgeous garden, mountains rising in the distance: any of these make a wonderful backdrop for your home, and having bifold doors installed will mean the view is completely unimpeded.

Safe and Secure – and Easy to Clean!

You might be worrying that installing bifold doors will put your home's security at risk, or that they will be difficult to maintain. This could not be further from the truth! Bifold doors are, if anything, more secure than many alternatives, because they have multiple locking points along their length, rather than one simple lock. They are made from sturdy materials that are very difficult to break, and they are unlikely to allow any feloniously minded person easy access to your home and your precious belongings. While the bifold door panels will need periodic cleaning, this should not take longer than an hour or two, and will only need to be done once or twice a year (depending on your exact location, of course). The large panels are easier to clean than normal windows and French doors which tend to have lots of small fiddly panels – you can use a squeegee to whisk off the dirt in a seconds!

If you are looking to refresh your home without too much effort, installing bifold windows could be the solution you are looking for. Call us today on 01843 850 100 to have a chat about your needs.