The materials used to engineer windows have evolved at a frantic pace over the past few decades. Just as metals such as aluminium have replaced many traditional wood and composite variants, we have now witnessed the entrance of a durable substance known as uPVC. uPVC is an acronym for "unplasticised polyvinyl chloride" and it is known for its ability to offer homeowners an unsurpassed level of longevity. How do uPVC windows last so long? Let us take a look at the average lifespan before delving into several other related topics which are important if you hope to maximise their benefits.

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How do uPVC Windows Last and what Factors Impact uPVC Windows Life Expectancy?

Answering the question "how do uPVC windows last for decades?" will partially depend upon when they were first installed. If fitted prior to 1999, the chances are high that you will need an upgrade. This actually has less to do with the physical structure of the windows as it involves the physical properties of the uPVC itself. This chemical substance can degrade over time if it is exposed to high temperatures or ultraviolet rays.

The molecular carbon bonds which hold the uPVC together can begin to break down; causing issues such as brittleness and chipping. This is also why windows that face the sun on a regular basis might show signs of wear and tear quicker than those which are installed within shady areas. This brings us to the next important section to address.

When Should You Consider an Upgrade?

There are a few telltale signs to look out for if you suspect that your uPVC windows have seen better days. It can be argued that one of the most common involves signs of physical damage such as cracks; particularly at corners or around exterior seams.

Some other symptoms of a window that requires attention include:

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    Another issue involves condensation. As the majority of uPVC windows are constructed from double-glazed panes, this is a signal that the seal between these two pieces of glass has become compromised. There are many times when it is actually cheaper to replace the entire window as opposed to procuring expensive repair services.

    Modern window profiles are lead-free, one of many reasons to upgrade. Did you know that ironmongery failure in older windows is one of the most common causes for replacement? They can also prove to be a security risk, with new modern windows providing a much better level of security.

    How Can You Extend Your uPVC Windows Lifespan?

    There are several steps which can be taken if you hope to enhance your uPVC windows life expectancy. Most of these recommendations are rather straightforward. For instance, clean the panes and the periphery on a regular basis. An at-home formula consists of one part vinegar to four parts of hot water. It is best to avoid caustic agents, as these can cause the uPVC to age prematurely.

    Check the panes for any cracks or signs of the moisture that was mentioned above. assuming that only a small fault is found, you may be able to obtain a one-off repair. However, allowing a small fault between double-glazed panes to persist will inevitably cause more damage.

    Also, examine the hardware (handles, hinges and locking mechanisms) on a somewhat regular basis. These can sometimes degrade due to the elements or simply as a result of wear and tear. The good news is that replacing window hardware is generally a straightforward process.

    Modern PVC windows are also UV stable, which prevents long term discolouration and breakdown; providing your windows with a longer lifespan.

    A Plethora of Amazing Benefits

    While there is no doubt that many consumers choose uPVC windows for lifespan reasons, there are several other advantages which should be mentioned. When compared to other materials such as wood or composites, this substance boasts an extremely durable edge. As a result, maintenance tasks will be kept to a minimum. Functionality is therefore a key motivating factor during any purchase.

    The aesthetic appeal of uPVC windows should also be mentioned. They are available in a kaleidoscope of different styles and designs; suitable for both contemporary and traditional settings. Not only will they increase the attractiveness of your home, but they can also increase its long-term retail market value. Other bespoke advantages include an enhanced level of security and an energy-efficient configuration. When we combine these metrics with their sheer longevity, it is only logical that a growing number of property owners are looking to employ their unique attributes.

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