Ensure That Your Patio Doors are Secure

Residential communities are often very attractive locations for burglars and similarly unscrupulous individuals. Perhaps you have even been a victim of theft in the past. While many homeowners tend to place a great deal of emphasis upon front doors and windows due to their public exposure, the fact of the matter is that this is hardly enough. In fact, many burglars prefer to enter homes via unsecured means such as by accessing an unlocked patio door.

This is why extra security for patio doors is very important. If you hope to protect your valuables as well as your peace of mind, the suggestions mentioned below will come in quite handy.

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Upgrade Your Existing Locks

Knowing how to secure patio doors will normally involve the locking mechanisms that are present. Unfortunately, generic locks that may have been provided by the manufacturer can often be thwarted by burglars. This is why an upgrade is often recommended. If you wish to achieve the maximum sense of security, configurations such as five-lever mortise deadlocks and deadlatch cylinders are powerful options. These are very difficult to breach and as a result, a potential intrusion could be averted. It is best to consult with a professional locksmith to ensure that the doors are not damaged during installation.

Reinforce the Door Frame

Even if a strong lock has been installed, a weak door frame can spell disaster in terms of theft. Some burglars will not waste their time with modern locks. They instead choose to utilise tools such as crowbars to pry the door itself away from its frame. They can thereafter enter your property with relatively little effort. It is, therefore, a good idea to firmly affix the door frame to nearby walls through the use of screws or bolts. If an individual is unable to force entry without making a great deal of noise, he or she is more likely to walk away.

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Let There be Light: The Prospect of Deterrence

Motion sensors are excellent deterrents to install around the patio door in question. As the majority of thefts occur during the overnight hours, installing a light-activated infrared sensor is arguably one of the best ways to stop a burglar from proceeding further.

Bolster Patio Door Glazing

Knowing how to make a uPVC door more secure involves much more than locks and its associated frame. Let's never forget that the majority of patio doors have been designed to allow the maximum amount of light to enter into your home. This glazing presents a very real problem; particularly if it can be easily shattered with nothing more than a rock or a hammer.

The best way to prevent such a situation is to augment the strength of the existing glass with wire mesh or a decorative grill (both installed on the inside of the door). Another interesting option is to purchase security film. This clear material will not impede your exterior views and yet, it will help to prevent the glass from completely shattering.

Addressing Sliding Configurations

Sliding patio doors are particularly vulnerable due to the fact that it is relatively easy for burglars to bypass manufacturer-supplied locking mechanisms. This is why it is a good idea to include a minimum of three separate locking points. For example, you can install a pair of side-mounted locks as well as a hand-operated hydraulic pump which is placed between the two sliding panes (at their base). Thus, it is much more challenging for a thief to gain entry.

The Importance of an Alarm

Alarms can be used in conjunction with all of the recommendations highlighted above. Not only will their audible reactions tend to scare off the majority of intruders, but the presence of warning signs is likely to cause a would-be burglar to bypass the house entirely. Place this signage in visible locations; preferably on doors, windows and around the periphery of your property.

Privacy Equates to Deterrence

Temptation is a powerful emotion. If a thief is capable of seeing the contents of your home (such as an expensive stereo system or a flat-screen television, the chances of a forced entry will exponentially rise. Placing curtains and similar upholstery across patio doors can help to deter prying eyes. The majority of thefts occur as a direct result of expensive items being visible to the public, so this recommendation cannot be overstated.

Knowing how to secure patio doors will help you and your family avoid any unexpected and potentially dangerous situations. So, please feel free to implement some or all of the recommendations mentioned above. If you are curious to learn more about the latest innovations associated with modern doors, please get in touch with Elephant Windows. Call us today on 01843 850 100 to have a chat about your needs.