Most of us associate a conservatory with the warmer months of the year. From reading a book to catching a bit of sun within these comfortable confines, such units are extremely popular during the spring and summer. However, the fact of the matter is that it is entirely possible to enjoy the benefits of an all year round conservatory with a few simple steps. After all, why let this valuable space go to waste when the weather outside begins to change? What suggestions should you follow if you are curious to learn how to make a conservatory usable all year round?

Adding Insulation

While some conservatories have been constructed with insulation, others might lose a great deal of heat due to thinner walls. Adding a layer around areas such as windows and doors will help to dramatically increase the thermal efficiency of this structure and this is normally a cost-effective step to take. We should also note that a well-insulated conservatory will remain cooler in the summer; offering a year-round advantage.

Glass Roof Conservatory

Bespoke Heating Solutions

If you notice that your conservatory tends to become very cold during the autumn and winter, it could be wise to incorporate a heating system within its confines. Perhaps you are able to modify an existing central heating system so that warm air is delivered to this room. Standalone radiators are another great option, as their portability offers a flexible edge. You could also opt for a permanent solution such as underfloor heating (sometimes referred to as radiant heating). This is a completely unobtrusive way to raise the temperature within your conservatory and the feeling of a toasty floor underfoot is always pleasant.

Glass and Polycarbonate Versus a Solid Roof

As hot air rises, it only stands to reason that the majority of the heat within any conservatory will be lost via the roof. This is why a replacement may be in order. Although materials such as glass and polycarbonate allow a significant amount of sunlight to enter, they can also be associated with a massive amount of heat loss. This is why replacing a conservatory roof with a more solid structure is a good idea. Not only will this help to retain much more heat, but thicker roofs can also prevent dampness and mould from entering; always a concern during colder and more humid times of the year.

If you believe that the roof of your conservatory may be causing problems, it is wise to speak with a specialist at Elephant Windows to learn about your options. We offer a wide variety of solid conservatory roofing systems and there is no doubt that you will encounter a design suitable for your current requirements.

Blinds and Similar Additions

Some conservatories can become notoriously hot in the spring and summer. This is normally the case if your unit happens to be facing a direction that receives a great deal of sun throughout the day. The simple addition of window blinds will provide a welcome sense of relief. This is also one of the cheapest ways to cool down a conservatory if you cannot afford to purchase a larger air conditioning unit. Another hidden benefit is that such blinds help to trap air between their outer layer and the window. This acts as an additional form of insulation when the temperatures begin to drop.

Outdoor conservatory roofs

Fans and Air Conditioning Systems

Maintaining an adequate amount of air circulation within your conservatory is important throughout the year. Stagnant airflow is associated with noticeable temperature differences, so the addition of a ceiling fan can produce wonders. You could also opt to install an air conditioning unit if the conservatory is prone to very hot temperatures. Some modern designs are set upon castor wheels, so they can be easily transported from place to place. The only thing to keep in mind is that they also contain an exhaust hose which must lead to the outside environment (this hose disperses the heat generated by the air conditioner).

Double Glazing

Single-glazed windows have always been rather poor insulators. This is why upgrading to double-glazed configurations is important. This added layer of protection will allow your conservatory to remain cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter. Double-glazed windows are also great choices if you happen to live near a major motorway, as they offer excellent acoustic insulation; reducing noises from the outside.

Whether replacing conservatory roof or adding a bit of insulation, there are numerous steps which can be taken to enable this room to provide a sense of comfort throughout the year. You might still have additional concerns or questions. In this case, feel free to speak with a representative from Elephant Windows. Why not take full advantage of all that modern conservatories have to offer?